Introduction to ArcGIS Pro (Part 1): Loading and visualizing data

Hi there! In this tutorial, I will show you how to load and display downloaded shapefiles in ArcGIS Pro.  We will download some shapefiles covering the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. Let’s pretend we are a company owner who wants to find a new location for its Amsterdam office. It is important to us that the office:

  1. Can actually exist at the location, e.g. there is an empty office building.
  2. Is located in the central district of Amsterdam.
  3.  Has stations close by (250 meter) so it is easy for employees to get to work.
  4. Has a park close by (250 meter)so that employees have the ability to enjoy their lunch outside.

I have collected a collection of shapefiles which we can use to find the optimal location to establish our new office. Let’s go through this process together. In this first part, we will download the data, load it into ArcGIS Pro, and visualize it.


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Jasper January 10, 2018 0 Comments